New Episode… What I brought and how I styled it!

“His Majesty“ what a title for a turkey right but he deserves it made in England by Johnson Bros really elegant and beautiful too. Okay so as you can tell I fell in love as soon as I eyed him. Yes he was thrift find (even better) along with everything else you see on the dining room table. I love this Episode “What I brought and how I styled it” I hope you do too and it gives you inspiration because honestly I am inspired as well every time I put my pieces together and create a setting whether it’s for a holiday or just for everyday. Please DM me with any questions or comments Thank you for stopping by I appreciate all your thoughtful comments 🤍

His Majesty
Just a little side view
And his little buddy tiny turkey isn’t he cute?

xoxo Dana

Tomorrow let’s talk more about styling and how fun it can be!

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