“Feels like home to me”

The last of my New Episode that actually will take us into the new year. Its all about how does our home make us feel but I don’t want to get ahead of myself so we will stick with the holidays for now and come back and talk about it soon I promise.

We are in the sunroom today for a thanksgiving tour. A quick refresh with a few changes just enough to get us ready for Fall Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one. We can do that too because we as women sure do know how to multitask right? Do you totally agree so why not make it easier on us and save some time while we are at it.

Home Sweet Home
The Sunroom is a lovely gathering
right off the dining area
Picture from Homegoods
Silver candle sticks Pottery Barn
Pillows from Pottery Barn
The sunroom overlooks the back gardens
You can see the Annabelle’s Hydrangea’s
right over the couch

The colors of orange gold and green welcome Fall and Thanksgiving with open arms. Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the tour!



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