Wednesday Whats

In this episode of “What I brought and how I styled it” I am featuring some of my most favorite finds. Where I place them inside and outside at my pond pergola garden. The first piece actually became two how lucky am I two for the low price of one did I say I had to stand in line for over an hour but it was so worth it for a black foyer light fixture and a garden architectural piece to hang from the pergola in the garden

Actually two pieces
Pergola art
Architectural garden piece
Before / After is so much prettier
Kitchen / foyer in a satin black finish. Love the coziness of the quaint light bulbs.

This bust of a beautiful Victoria woman in a pale white certainly speaks for herself with a shy innocence. When I saw her I knew she’d be with me forever with her lovely charm

Isn’t she lovely?

She sits on my antique desk along with other special vintage pieces you will see in my bedroom and on the front porch

Antique desk made in Grand Rapids Michigan
Front porch treasures
Wednesday Whats

There are a lot more pictures on my Instagram account


Stop by and check them out let me know what you think with a ❤️ and a comment.

Thank you I appreciate you stopping by.

Come back and visit anytime. Dana

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