Marvelous Mums Monday

It is a marvelous Monday here at the cottage. Check out my stories and see how beautiful the lake was this morning.

Lake St Clair

My collection of mums on the dining table have a wonder scent. So not only is Monday my favorite day but mums are one of my favorite flowers for Fall. I was gifted the white mums which are very pretty the flowers are so dainty. The vibrant orange mums are from Target on sale for only $4.99. I am hoping they will last till Thanksgiving fingers crossed 🤞 with lots of TLC. Any special tips you can pass along. I truly would appreciate it so much.

Littlest baby blooms
Lovely contrast
Orange and yellow mums from Targets

Well what do you think? Maybe I’ll keep it like this for a little while until my next inspiration comes along.

So tomorrow is Thrifting Tuesday Treasuries. I picked up a few today can’t wait to show them to you. In the meantime I hope you like my Fall Table-scrapes. Any questions or comments I welcome your thoughts.

Thank you for coming by to visit. I really like you being here! I hope you do to. Blessings my friends🧡

Till next time Dana

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