In the Episode “Feels like home to me Friday” I will share what are the five easy tips to make our home feel cozy and warm. And even better to switch from Christmas decor to winter vibes. With a few changes home can feel so welcoming and echo “let’s stay home”

#1Color- The color white is the number one color for cozy. Soft fluffy white cotton sheets comforters throws pillows. The feel of softness welcomes our senses

The color white is often in our homes already. Like candles dishes napkins and tablecloths. Check every room just start making the collection of whites in a basket. Then start making small changes in your living room or wherever you would like to start. Put a pretty throw and pillows on the couch. If you don’t have white pillows slip on a pillowcase. I have even seen on IG how using sheets is also becoming popular as well. You know what they say…where there’s a will there’s a way. I think that’s right. Lol

Texture soothing softness

#2 Smells – Smells are a wonderful reminder of home especially home cooking and the different senses of candles and sprays too.

Home Sweet Home

Check out in the pic with the plant and white birch wood. It helps bring in more senses of the outdoors. Modeling the inside like the outside is so much fun. Mother Nature lays it out for us and makes it easy to create. Your backyard may have organic finds you can use branches cut off a tree. You may even go for a walk and find some treasures along the way. Let me know how it goes. I would love to see your pics.

Even an outdoor wreath can come in for the winter decor!
White berries against the pine greens

Using faux garland works too and you might even steal it from your Christmas decor

Wood pieces can also be very warm and charming.

Remember those charcuterie boards from Christmas perfect to use as display pieces anywhere and everywhere you like.

This pic was from a post I did on November 16, 2022 The episode “Woods of Wednesday” Having a husband who is a cabinet maker and two sons who are woods men I obviously love to collect wood 🪵

Wood coffee table tray and a beautiful bromeliad plant to compliment the organic feels of the room.

#3. Sight is one of our key senses. Our eyes put together what we are feeling. So to say it seals the deal confirms everything. It brings it all together and unifies the room.

#4 Update – Changes are good. It’s exciting and feels brand new when indeed it may not be but with a few changes it appears so. Maybe rearranging a bedroom or a living room can totally give a very new perspective to the room.

The front porch got an updated makeover for winter.

#5 Go Shopping – no really go shopping 🛍️ whether it’s in your own home or go catch all the sales after the holidays. This really is a perfect time for both. You may find as you are shopping your home there may be somethings you may want to purge. This is good as well to make more room for new. Either way it’s all good and fun too! As one shopper to another we find out so much about ourselves when we start shopping and discover who we really are. But that’s a post for another day. If you are new here I hope you will stay for awhile and get to know my quirks like I love to thrift. Yes you got it more shopping.

Thanks for stopping by looking forward to seeing you next time.

Best Regards Dana

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