Secret SNOB Saturday

Being kind is always a good idea!

Being a snob is not so bad when you have secrets to share. But for the record I am not a snob my family will certainly confirm this statement I promise. I just get a little testy when another shopper has something I may want I just stalk them for a little while until I can compliment them on their great choice let them know I love it and if they just happen to change their mind I would be more then happy to handle their return that’s it and hope they change their mind fingers crossed 🤞

DIY project

But seriously secrets are helpful so let’s chat about them. First off shop everywhere you can thrift stores estate garage and church sales. Yes this does take time so allow yourself at least one day a week to find those deals. Also there is always a sale ask what it is like senior or Veterans Day. The world of thrifting is usually very friendly so just ask. I hope these tips have been helpful I would love to hear all about your shopping adventures so please share.

“His Majesty” made in England by Johnson Bros

Thanks for stopping by make sure you come by next Saturday I’ll be sharing the acronym for SNOB. Till next time Dana

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