Wine Dine and Shine Wednesday

A new episode coming at you for the Holidays

“Wine Dine and Shine”

All about fancy and glamming!!! From festive table scapes to wines and fancy dinners. Putting on the glitz starts this Wednesday thru the Holidays.

When you are setting your table a white linen tablecloth is a elegant touch for the special occasion.

Silver or brass candle holders with white or ivory tapers are the perfect addition to dress up any table for a Christmas dinner.

Add your favorite color for a festive theme like white silver red green even blue will look beautiful and add charm to your table. I choose red to match my tree and the rest of the decor in the room.

Formal table set for a fancy dinner. Touches of red compliment the pure white china.
China cabinet arrayed with white dishes crystal wine glasses and Moscow Mule copper cups.
Moscow Mule one of my favorite cocktails
Pottery Barn silver candelabrum dresses up the formal table with its fancy presence
The crystal chandelier adds sparkle and charm for this fancy table

This episode of “ Wine Dine and Shine” was fun sharing all the glitz as we prepare for the season. I hope these tips were helpful. I look forward to sharing more with you next week. I am always grateful for you stopping by. See you soon Dana

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