The Real Throwback Thursday

So let’s talk Throwback here at the cottage like at the beginning the cottage was built in 1900’s. Originally the builders wanted a summer home. Living in Detroit the Bagnasco family decided a home on Lake St Clair would be the perfect place to spend their summers. Hence very simple and basic home.

Rose standing along side the cottage
View of the cottage facing the backyard. The structure was built with wood later covered in siding.

The cottage existed with a kitchen living room dining room and sunroom on the first level. The four bedrooms were all on the second level and an attic on the top floor. It was basic and very cozy for it’s day.

Front view of the cottage overlooking the lake

Mini TBT part one please come and visit next week for the conclusion.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the vintage vibes here at the cottage.

See you soon Dana

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