SNOB Saturday Secrets

Secrets of a Serial Shopper

Last week we talked about going shopping actually the tips tricks and secrets of thrift shopping. Anything worth doing is worth doing well the same goes for second hand shopping thrifting whatever you what to call it. The number one tip I am going to emphasize is to take it serious. There are so many resources out there it is amazing. We did cover places like Good Will Estate Sales read my post from last Saturday and you will see all of them. Here are some top tips that will be very helpful but only if you do them. Have a plan like where are you going to go what are you looking for and what day you are going. At first this might take work to enforce this plan but after a while it will become a habit. I go at least once a week whenever I can Wednesday or Saturday. Make a list. Set time aside. You literally have to be looking while you are shopping. Today when I found my copper kettle I had circled the store three times before I eyed it.

White tags were half off only $20 great price for such a large size!

It was so big it took up the whole basket. I will have better pics in my Instagram stories tomorrow.

One last thought what the heck is “SNOB” (Shop new or bargain) if you think about it snobbing can be quite fun considering all the bargains you may find.

Next week I’ll share my finest finds I think you maybe surprised. Also if you are a SNOB please share I would love to hear all about your bargains as well.

It’s been a pleasure sharing I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions just write in the comment section I’ll be sure to read it and respond.

Thank you for stopping by, Dana

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