Sharing Sunday

Hello friends and happy weekend it’s that time again to share random weekly pics.

Marvelous Monday and all its vibrant vibes of orange to spruce up the day.

Happy Halloween to All

Thrift Tuesday Treasures

Reflecting on my thrifting adventures

This beauty was on my lists of wants finally finding her after looking for over two years.
Just goes to show you why thrifting can always surprise you with the best finds. Btw this was not on my want list but as soon as I saw her I knew I had to have it. She had me at the monogrammed “S”

Wine Dine and Shine Wednesday

It’s all about fancy and glamming festive tables wine delicious dinners.

The dining room the heart of the home next to the kitchen literally. It’s where we gather to enjoy each other refreshing cocktails and wonderful family meals.
My collection of iron stone displayed in the china cabinet with lovely shades of whites.

The Real Throwback Thursday

The real deal of yesterday’s

The early days of the cottage and it’s very beautiful cozy white clap board siding.
Then it was sided with a brown brick.

This was the cottage then!

“Feels like home to me Friday“. Episode

A very old 1900’s cottage gets a
brand new cozy life

Saturday Secrets

Being a snob and loving it! Sharing the secret of the acronym “SNOB” shopping new or bargain do indeed read my post for more secrets.

A very large copper kettle @Paul Revere. I will posting this on my Instagram on Monday.

Well friends that is a rap for the week. Please feel free to go back and read all the weeks post in there entirety.

I enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to chatting with you soon.

Best regards Dana

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