Marvelous Monday

See my posts from last week especially on Thursday The Real Throwback to read about the old cottage back than.

Marvelous Monday moments here at the cottage. I can say it has been quite a journey since we moved into the old cottage. Looking back certainly the good moments out weigh the bad. But who knew back than we were young in love and our family was together that’s all that matter. We took a day at a time and kept on moving forward. This experience has been a good lesson because life did happen. My husband is the best guy ever working on the house continuously. There are so many moments like in November right around Thanksgiving with the snow falling he completely took out a six foot window and replaced it that very same day.

This is the window Jim replaced.
The porch is in front. There is no heat but the sun always heats it up in the early morning.

Yes today is a Marvelous Monday. I am reminded of so many thankful moments as Thanksgiving is approaching.

I am blessed and grateful for this life and all that God has given us.

It might be a little early to be sharing these moments so soon before Thanksgiving but I felt so inclined.

I grateful for y’all here as well. Thank you for stopping by the blog. I look forward to you coming back again.

See you soon Dana

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