Thrifting Tuesday Treasures

Thrift shopping is always a good day to go shopping for treasures. In my shopping adventures I have created systems like setting a budget and putting time aside at least weekly to check out the bargains.

The clock and the curtains are from Restoration Hardware they are one of my favorite pieces because of the beautiful teal color and how they matched so perfect!
The pics were taken in the dining room
where I have styled many treasures.
This Broyhill settee was also styled in the dining room along side the table where family and friends can sit comfortably during dinner. It is so cozy everyones enjoys sitting and enjoying conversations and jut hanging out. I love ❤️ to sit here in the afternoon with tea and reading one of my best books
The Crystal chandler wins as the best piece ever. Of course it’s beauty speaks for itself. It also is in the dining room hanging over the table. Even though it was not literally purchased at a thrift store it is still considered a thrift treasure by all means. When you are looking for a special item expanding your search helps. Facebook marketplace Etsy EBay Estate sales are also great places to look as well.

All in all thrifting can be fun profitable and help save money on the budget. Recently my washer was not working to get it repaired would have cost more than what it was worth. We started looking at estate sales and found a brand new one in perfect condition for half the amount. I wouldn’t consider a washer a glamorous treasure but definitely a well needed appliance I was happy to pay for.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing how and where I styled more of these treasures… do come back and visit to see some pretty decor pics

In the meantime thanks for stopping by I do hope I was helpful. If you have any questions do include them in the comment section just below.

Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow

Best regards Dana

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