In the episode “What I brought and how I styled Wednesday “

Well so many thrift finds could certainly have been included in this post but instead I choose the biggest of all and as we have often referred to our home as our “money pit” LOL!

I didn’t even know but way back than when we purchased the house it would be one of the projects in this episode.

The cottage became our full time home. It was perfect for our family of nine.

Can you tell the cottage is in need of styling. Those were my thoughts exactly. Actually loving old things and fixing them up is something I have always like doing even back than.
The cottage still has the old vintage look but windows siding and reclaimed brick have been installed for a newly styled update.
The deck was also put on to add more room to the outside living area. This part of the cottage faces the lake.

In conclusion I’m wondering if I may ask you a question? Have you ever taken a chance? The purchase of this home was a huge challenge with obstacles unforeseen. There were times we were doubting our decision. I’ll admit challenges can be tough but I can’t even imagine where we would be today had we not taken the risk. You see the results what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed our visit. Come back for Throwback Thursday!

See you soon Dana

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