In the episode “Feels like home to me Friday”

So home can be different to each of us but one common element is the love that is create there and nourished.

It always feels so much cozier in a room with the glow of candles. Many elements like fluffy pillows soft throws the scent of flowers make a house a home.

Which brings me to the best of the best… memories of home cooking those wonderful Thanksgiving dinners beautifully brown turkey stuffing fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy sharing with our family and friends how about Christmas breakfasts too what wonderful thoughts that’s brings us all back home again.

As we welcome the holiday season this year I bid you many wishes but especially may you always feel the love and joy of home with all your loved ones family friends neighbors your besties and share the true meaning of Christmas to everyone you meet along the way.

Happy day to y’all and thank you so much for stopping by.

Best Regards Dana

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