Sharing Sunday

Hello I hope y’all have had an awesome weekend

Let’s chat about last week

Marvelous Monday…. Yes today is a Marvelous Monday. I am reminded of so many thankful moments as Thanksgiving is approaching…

Front view of the cottage

Thrifting Tuesday Treasures…
Thrift shopping is always a good day to go shopping for treasures. In my shopping adventures I have created systems like setting a budget and putting time aside at least weekly to check out the bargains…

Beautiful plaid settee by Broyhill one of my best finds from Community Thrift

What I brought and how styled it Wednesday…
Well so many thrift finds could certainly have been included in this post but instead I choose the biggest of all and as we have often referred to our home as our “money pit” LOL!

The old home gets a brand new cottage look

Throwback Thursday… I am throwing back on my favorite holiday of the year of course Christmas. We put the tree in the heart of our home the dining room. Our favorite place where we all gather for special times and delicious food. The table is set with a linen white table cloth and happy holiday dishes to complete the festive look.

Dining table set for the Holiday

Feels like home to me Friday… So home can be different to each of us but one common element is the love that is create there and nourished.

Pottery Barn candelabrum adds a cozy charm to the dining room

SNOB Saturday Secrets… Secret #1. Don’t spend your money on unnecessary things this is big! So what is necessary?

A necessary purchase the old cottage that became our full time home.

See all the full posts for last week on the blog

It is so nice of you to join me

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon Dana

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