SNOB Saturday Secrets

The more money you save the more money you can spend! Right? Lol

Secret #1

Don’t spend your money on unnecessary things this is big! So what is necessary?

When we purchased our home really “out of necessity” even though there were obstacles we did it anyways.

Current picture of the house when purchased

As you can see it needed a lot of updating another necessity.

Secret #2

SNOB… (shop new or bargain)

Bargain when you can!

Yes friends the house had to be a bargain as you see for all the necessary updates outside and inside

But we still fell in love with this old cottage. I love ❤️ old and a challenge!
What is necessary spending? That will be different for each person. Knowing your priorities will be helpful!

Thanks for stopping by

I hope the tips are helpful

Let me know by commenting below.

Best Regards Dana

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