Thrift Tuesday Treasures

In today’s episode I am excited to share my long awaited antique tea cart purchase. I have been looking for this treasure for so long I actually forgot about it till I eyed it @salvationarmy.

Honestly my heart stopped when I saw the worker place it on the floor. Yes I moved very quickly. I scooped that baby up so fast but let me comment about how this is where years of experience and shopping helps so much. In hesitation I might have lost it. If you are not sure about something put it in your basket anyways you can always put it back if you change your mind. Moving forward I had to be careful because of the glass shelves. I was so excited I didn’t want to break it even before I got it home.

Before / I was so nervous I may break it I just set it in the dining room and savored the moment of this awesome find

Once home I took another good look at it to determine the age and style. From looking at the wheels it definitely is vintage around the 50’s or maybe earlier. Back then this unique piece was commonly seen in dining and living rooms.

The gold ornate trim and glass shelves dressed up the decor in a formal dining room

Close up view of gold trim and wheels on this pic and the first one.

By the way so you know I am not a professional antique dealer but I have many friends who are so I would always asked them questions and look to them for advice. Networking is important and usually people are very helpful.

I am a tea 🫖 person at least every day around 4pm. I am not English at least I don’t think so but I love Downton Abbey and the current series The Crown. Someday I do hope to visit England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 but in the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy my daily cup of tea time but now I’m enjoying it on my tea cart as well.

It’s been a good Tuesday here I hope you have enjoyed this sharing and will be back soon.

Best Regards Dana

After / ornate gold trim surrounding the top and bottom glass shelves. The brass wheels are have an unusual design and shape indicating an older upgraded piece
In conclusion a brief history of the tea cart.

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