Throwback Thursday

In one week it will be Thanksgiving! Can you believe it and most importantly are you ready. Guess what I am not but I am working on it how about you? It will all be fine because it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to taste good right. A little bit of fluff and it will look great. This is me talking to me for a pep talk. Is it working? I hope so let me know.

For more inspiration for you and me I am sharing past Thanksgiving pics.

The season to be thankful and blessed as well Happy Thanksgiving
This was the year of traditional brilliant colors orange and black the pumpkins are from @target buffalo plaids of black and white are my all time favorite.
Pumpkins take center stage on the dining table

Throwback Thursdays are always so much fun. A wonderful reminder of fond memories of the past and bringing us to the present

Oh I forgot to tell you the good news my table is set I did that this week. It’s kinda like when my Mom would say “when your bed is made and your dishes are done your house is clean” so basically here’s what I did I figured out all my linens napkins dishes glasses silverware and centerpiece. Everything is in place all I have to do is make room for the turkey 🦃 when the big boy is done. My serving dishes are on the buffet for the sides and my small china cabinet is set up and ready for horsD’oeuves

The gold rim dishes are @potterybarn
The center piece a silver candelabra by @potterybarn

Wishing you and yours a peaceful evening

So it goes Thanksgiving is in the air and on the home front the shopping is done. The countdown may begin. Officially one week till Thanksgiving

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed our visit.

Best Regards Dana

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