In my Christmas episode Sweet Chocolate Saturday

This is honestly a very selfish post but maybe your with me on this one because it’s all about chocolate can I get an Amen. So I love ❤️ chocolate as much as coffee ☕️ I choose coffee no calories well unless I have a latte or fancies but chocolate 🍫 well that’s a different story all together like did you know chocolate is healing especially after a bad day and with holidays the list goes on and on with so many varieties I work @homegoods I see what you all are buying that Gourmet section is unbelievable tempting.

Betty Crocker Delights Supreme Chocolate Chuck Brownie Mix satisfies that chocolate craving this is delicious easy to make convenient and fast.

Best rich chocolate brownies ever for a box well here it is one of my favorite chocolate recipes and you will be surprised at the rich flavor and moist texture.
A delicious dessert for Christmas
Also makes great cupcakes for the holidays
and bake sales.

Brownies are one of my favorites but there’s more. I’ll share one of my mom’s favorites next week.

I like to make recipes that are easy quick and delicious too. I think this is one of them I hope you do too.

Send me a comment at the bottom if you tried them and how they turned out

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Best regards Dana

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