Sunday Sharing

Last week was tough I worked lots of days prepared for the holidays but this story has a happy ending I promise wait for it!!!

Yes honestly we did have Friends Thanksgiving not quite with “Friends” LoL but how much fun seeing each other at a very cool restaurant a delicious bread and butter boards as an appetizer cocktails and an awesome array of selections from a choice menu. We toasted “cheers” to all laughed and savored those moments with each and the upcoming holidays. Of course exchanged recipes and family and friend plans for Thanksgiving. There was a snow storm that night but we all went anyways to celebrate each other and of course to give thanks for one another and all of our many blessings. Yes friends it was a very special night of sharing.

What does Friendsgiving mean?

The world “Friendsgiving” was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionaryin January 2020 after being on its “Words We’re Watching” list. It’s obviously a compound of the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving” and refers to an informal iteration of the holiday that has become super common. It’s basically the day you have Thanksgiving but with your friends. Sometimes it’s in lieu of Thanksgiving or in addition to.

When did Friendsgiving start?

According to Merriam-Webster, the earliest use of the term Friendsgiving dates back to a 2007 tweet, but some people credit the hit show Friends for inspiring the concept of spending the holiday with friends. Another theory suggests that a 2011 ad campaign by Baileys Irish Cream liqueur used the word, giving the Friendsgiving movement more momentum. Since then, it’s become a word that refers to a Thanksgiving dinner celebrated with friends.

What day do people celebrate Friendsgiving?

There’s no official date for Friendsgiving, like there is for Thanksgiving (which is celebrating on the fourth Thursday of November, by the way). Many people choose to host it before legit Turkey Day, if they spend Thanksgiving traveling home to be with family. Others will just co-opt the true Thanksgiving and call it Friendsgiving if they’re celebrating with a group of pals.

Have you had Friends Thanksgiving? Try it I guarantee you will be very thankful you did. There is still time before or after the holiday. Going out to eat puts you in the mood with all the festive decorations.

Comment below if you have celebrated Friends Thanksgiving or plan on having one soon. Share how it went would love ❤️ to hear all the fun details.

Happy Sunday Sharing!

Best Regards Dana

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