Marvelously Cool Monday

Dana over here at the blog writing about today’s goings on like having to work three days in a row because of retail trying to prepare for Thanksgiving Lol cooking and all rushing off yo Yoga cause I miss so many days my teacher has forgot who I am and I need the Zen anyways besides did I say I am three loads behind on my wash my nails are now falling off and my gray is showing but it’s going to be just fine right after class and then did I say it’s Yoga and Wine 🍷 well it is and time to catch up with the girls before Thanksgiving oh and don’t forget to read my post for Sunday Sharing I think you are going to love ❤️ it “Friends Thanksgiving” let me know what you think when you see the turkey on you know who’s head

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So do you watch friends? I think this was one of the funniest let me know how much you laughed!

I think what I am feeling is normal for me and anyone else who is hosting Thanksgiving!

If you hosting please comment below I would love to hear how you are doing. If you want to say kind words and lie too I’m okay with that too. But here is the great news my blog post is up and I hope you love ❤️ it as much I enjoyed sharing my Marvelously Cool Monday.

Friends Thanksgiving was great too if you haven’t done it yet you might like to try it and enjoy all the fun with your friends too!

So long for now off to Yoga 🧘‍♀️ and Wine 🍷

Thanks so much for reading the blog !

Best Regards Dana

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