Throwback Tuesday

Early Christmas Throwback this week!

Yes friends Christmas is coming before we know it we will be opening presents. Lets get inspired from past pics. These really are my favorites with presents all wrapped and nestled under the tree. You’ll see lots of red my theme color I always use at the holiday season. What is your theme color you like to use during the holiday seasons?

Christmas tree ornaments
Christmas presents nestled under the tree
Christmas in the dining room
Merry Christmas 🎄 night
Peace & Joy
Christmas Day awaiting guests
Pottery Barn candelabrum lit in the sunroom
Coffee table decor
Candles and flowers always
add cozy to any room

Christmas red adds lots of charm and coziness to the decor.

When you decorate make sure you pick a theme like reindeers or snowmen ⛄️ or even snowflakes ❄️ it make it so much easier and than add colors like red and green. Actually the easiest way to start is to use what you already have. Than you can start decorating and know what you need to add to your decor list.

Also be inspired by magazine and books and don’t forget Instagram and Pinterest as well

I hope you have been inspired and will come back soon

Thanks you for your visit. Please leave your comments or questions below.

Best Regards Dana

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