Marvelous Monday

It’s a new week friends.

Did I tell you that I love Mondays. Hence the title but did you every notice how sometimes you just need some motivation to begin the week… me too hence the title. And I work in retail and it’s Christmas. Need I say more.

But trust me there is a happy ending.

In my world home décor always puts me in a good mood Updating my China Cabinet to a Wine 🍷 Whiskey 🥃 Cocktail 🍹 Cabinet was so much fun.
The Twelve Days of Christmas plates by William Sonoma are beautifully displayed in the back

In my stories on Instagram I share about my adventurous weekend of thrifting like the pretty 12 days of Christmas plates I will be talking more about everything I found this week on my posts. Stay tuned…

Christmas holiday makeover

Monday has been a good day of designing in the dining room actually a marvelous one.

I hope your day has been a great one too. I would welcome your comments and any questions as well.

Thank you for stopping by.

Best Regards Dana

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