Thrift Treasure Tuesday

In my episode today featuring some my best finds to date!

Is saving money one of your priorities?

Then thrifting might be for you!

Are you someone who loves a great bargain?

Maybe just maybe second hand stores like Salvation Army etc might be the answer! Or garage or estate sales can be another option. There are many venues available today. It really can be a fun challenge to discover that special find!

Yes friends the red plaid Broyhill settee you see in the back was from a thrift store. You just never know what you may find Did I say auctions? The chandelier was discovered in a cardboard box (yucky-8 hours to clean) The hunt is always the best part!

You know that old saying “Don’t knock it till you try it”

Twelve Days of Christmas William Sonoma @valueworld a family owned business in Michigan and Ohio. 50% off everything in the store the twelve piece set was under $8.00. These beauties will be in my forever Christmas collection.
The mirror is in the foyer when you first walk in the back door. I’ll be sharing more pics on the blog this week. I fell in love with this mirror at a resale shop the minute I spotted it. This probably was one of my earlier purchases. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I knew I loved it and had to have it so I put it in layaway. Gloria the shop owner is now one of my best friends and a true mentor.
I also found this garland @valueworld as well half off only $4 what do you think did I get a good bargain? There were lights in it but I put then inside the wine bar. I’ll be sharing tomorrow The garland accents the top of the mirror with it’s lovely greenery
What I love most about the mirror is the amazing wood carving shell motif and the delicate trim just at the beveled glass. All the features that sold me on its beauty. I have never regretted this purchase even though it was a lot of money but sweet Gloria was kind enough to let me put it in layaway.

I hope you enjoyed the episode “Thrift Treasure Tuesday”. and all the fun finds

Looking forward to seeing and sharing more tomorrow!

Of course comments and questions are always appreciated!

Best Regards Dana

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