In the episode “Second Hand Saturday…”

Featuring my best finds adding to the holiday decor. Actually some are brand new because people are purging for the new updated holiday looks. I know this cause I am too! LoL!!! But you know what they say “one woman’s toss is another woman’s treasure” or something like that you get the point! Others are slightly used and than all those vintage finds. My very favorite. Should I tell you well don’t let out the secret because than everyone will be looking for them. I am absolutely in love ❤️ and looking for antique ornaments. I love ❤️ to style them with my white Ironstone. It is a challenge so this is when you have to get so creative for your resources. I need to do another Snob Saturday (check my posts) for secrets of snobbing. I will be sharing more in days to come. Find a local shoppe and visit them often they can be so helpful. I have a girl we share vintage hearts and she is just a wonderful source.

This isn’t quite vintage but I love ❤️ the “D”
It’s red and has Polk a Dots too another favorite Buy what strikes your fancy and what do you love? You know it really is all about you. LOL

BTW I found red “D” bulb at The pickings were slim so I had to do a lot of looking. The fun of the hunt is so worth it.

Thrift store treasure not vintage but very cute

I found two very cute pre-lit trees to put at my back door. I will share pics as soon as I put them up. The small red bulbs are from one of the trees. I just wanted lights so I snatched the bulbs to do some home decor inside.

The white ironstone was found at The four piece set was half off.
My daughter eyed it when we first walked in.
Another Ironstone added to my collection beautifully display in the wine cabinet.
Thank you for the great find Jenny.
Wine 🍷 cabinet brightly displayed in Christmas red ❤️

The wine cabinet has been a lot of fun to displayed all the finds from today. In my post from last Saturday I share the discovery of the very vintage crystal wine decanter and glasses to match.

Isn’t she lovely!
Another closer view! Notice how the crystal has a sparkle that shines The beauty of very old pieces!
A cozy view!

Today was an awesome day for some real finds a gorgeous all wood mirror 75% off only $10. You can see a better view in my Instagram stories.

A better view tomorrow I promise!
Fancy reflections

FYI I almost did not go today I am very glad I did right you never know what you may find!

Did you like todays post I sure did Tomorrow will be a good day too. Stop by to see what’s happening.

Best Regards Dana

Of course I appreciate your comments and any questions you may have!

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