In the episode “Marvelous Monday…”

Can a bake sale be qualified as Marvelous Monday? Absolutely!Take a peak at all the sweets and treats!

Annual Christmas Sale

All bake goods are homemade.

Double chocolate brownies
Even Keto baked goods
The tables are lined with delicious desserts
Special baked pie by Lois I’ll be sharing more tomorrow on the blog

And even better we have a guest host/celebrity!

Featuring Lois Spruytte
Baking Competition for Chip and Joanna Gaines

How awesome is this. We at the http://macombfamilyymca are very proud and excited about this news.

If you are local you can meet Lois on Tuesday December 5th. The Bake Sales will be open 7am-1pm. All are welcome.

In memory of Virginia Marta

In my stories on Instagram and on the blog I’ll be sharing more about the memory of Virginia the history of the bake sale how it all started and more

Come back tomorrow and read about the fun facts. I welcome your return.

I enjoyed you stopping by…. thank you!

Best Regards Dana

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