In the episode “Sweets Treats & Eats Tuesday…”

The bake sale @macombymca is happening!

The Bake Sale originated about seven years ago. It became a way for the YMCA to help underprivileged children have a scholarship for summer camp.

Christmas Bake Sale @macombfamilyymca
YMCA Bake Sale
In honor Virginia Marra Bake Sale

Virginia was a member of YMCA for many years She held the title and was awarded “Volunteer of the Year in all of Metro Detroit YMCA’s. She received a beautiful trophy and was invited to a dinner in her honor. Virginia was always helping others. On the day of the Bake Sales she was always the first one to arrive to set up.

Virginia was the happiest when she was helping others!

When Virginia passed away we wanted to do something very special to remember her and to keep her kind spirit in our presence. At the Bake sales we post pictures and the beautiful banner to her sweet memory

We love ❤️ seeing this banner! Virginia’s spirit is always with us!
All the bake goods are homemade
Mini Quiches
Chocolate peanut butter puppy chow
The members take pride in making homemade even Keto
Blueberry Muffin baked by our celebrity Lois I will be sharing more about Lois
tomorrow on the blog and on Instagram
Lois Spruytte

Tomorrow is the final day of the sale. I will be there taking pics and sharing the final results.

Join us for the last day. It’s always so much fun trying to beat our best.

I hope you enjoyed the bake sale journey. We enjoyed having you here!

Best Regards Dana

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