In the episode “Throwback Thursday…”

Looking all the way back to Christmas memories – sweet Leo opening a present from Santa

Leo was the youngest grandson at the time

Throwback Thursdays are always so much fun to do when it comes to grandchildren When this (above) picture was taken Leo was only 3 years old.

Just look at this handsome Leo now

Would you believe Leo is now a senior in high school? He has grown up to be a fine young man. Of course he is still as sweet as ever.

Leo actually made the hashtag #christmaspast my grandson the celebrity lol

Leo is the highlight of my Throwback Thursday he is also on my Instagram stories and on my posts. There are Christmas past pics as well.

My favorite pencil Christmas tree
Decorating outside is as much fun as decorating inside.
One of my best wreaths to decorate with

Throwbacks are always the best to share so many good memories especially when it comes to Christmas but this time Leo took center stage in all of his very special sweetness. I’ll be posting more about Leo when he graduates from high school.

Thank you friends for your visit. I appreciate all your comments.

Best Regards Dana

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