In the episode “Feels Like Home to Me Friday…”

The best part of Christmas is decorating our homes for the season. Especially when you are a home decor design account on Instagram. Making home feel like home is want I love to do best for my family.

Christmas in the dining room
Lighting candles creates a coziness

Everyday in every way I do something to get our home ready for Christmas. Usually I will pick one room like the dining room and start styling it. I like to start in the the dining room. The heart of the home. From there a theme starts to be created for the rest of the house.

Glitzing up the glam in the dining room!
White bottle brush trees decorate the Johnson Bros Ironstone
The red plaid settee welcomes extra seating for guests.
Twilight time in the dining room.

I will be sharing more about Christmas decorations and pics do check back to see how it is coming along.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards Dana

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