In the episode “Second Hand Saturday…”

Do you know what the newest trend is? Believe it or not shoppers are looking to save money today more than ever. Inflation has forced us to change our once comfortable habits into frugal spending. What can we do to brainstorm this dilemma? To quote a wise woman “we save where we spend”

Second hand stores are on a huge uprising for everyday living and currently for Christmas shopping

Thrifting can be one of those habits that can help save us money in our daily living

Purchasing beautiful quality furniture for the house
Vintage oak dining room set Wooden bowl Candle holder
It can also be a source of decorating and designing our homes. Settee Christmas wreaths
From the dishes that we may use every day and on special occasions. White dishes Pillow shams

Every day there are more and more people including young people turning to ways of saving money. Buying second hand is one way to save while shopping. Many places are out there just get started. You will be surprised how fun it is to shop and save at the same time.

I hope this has helped and you will be encouraged in these days of high prices to beat inflation and still save money.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards Dana

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