In the episode “Marvelous Merry Monday…”

I am loving spending these Marvelous Mondays with you but with Christmas coming so soon now it’s getting to be the Merriest season ever!

Cozy Christmas Vibes

The Merriest Christmas vibes are filling up every room in the house even a closet that becomes Santa’s magical elf workshop.

Elves ❤️ Toys 🧸

The closet was a coat room in it’s early cottage days. When the elves are off duty for the year it becomes a cozy mini book library. But now that Christmas is in the air and all hands are on deck with lots of toys and stuffed animals and more like a special Christmas tree. Are you loving it I know I do and oh by the the elves are rocking as we speak.

Elf Tree
Love ❤️ these rocking elves
Lots of elf Toys and helpers

Would you like to do this DIY somewhere in your home. You can too! Firstly find a small room a closet even a cozy corner. Honestly when I got the idea I couldn’t wait to get it started. Somethings I already had. The rest I started shopping everywhere and don’t forget those thrift stores like

Hello Santa we want the merriest Christmas we’ve ever had🎄

The closet now under new construction will be revealed in the next episode (tomorrow)

It was nice to have you here. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for the newest toy room update.

Best Regards. Dana

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