In the episode “Share the Joy Sunday…”

The joy of the Season continues spreading joy and happiness to all

Yes friends this really is my all time favorite movie of the century.

It truly does bring me joy every time I watch the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” especially now at Christmas.

Gorge Bailey the hero
Clarence the angel Where wishes come true
“It’s a Wonderful Life” Donna Reed as Mary Bailey Holiday joy this season
Where angels are real… always

Just wondering have you every seen the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” But guess what it doesn’t have to be Christmas to watch it rent it buy it but make sure you watch Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey Donna Reed as Mary and Clarence the angel.

Peace & Joy

So friends today is different I wanted to share with you the joy of Christmas. The message for all of us to experience. The most wonderful time of the year. But even better my confirmation for this post came when the priest at church literally talked about George Bailey it was such a convincing homily that I needed to share it today with you all my readers.

Merry Christmas

I truly welcome your feedback on this post the movie and of course on George Bailey.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Thank you for stopping by I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards Dana

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