The Elves are very excited for Christmas … Santa is coming

Today is a decor day. The elves and I had a really fun time decorating the toy shop.

Do not enter STOP elves at work

How about this delightful sign I found it at one my favorite store honestly I think this was my inspiration piece that started it all. I loved it so much I knew I had to have it but I no idea what I was going to do with it *(when you find something you love buy it have no regrets) Then I walked by the kitchen closet OMG a perfect place for toys the elf shop was created.

The Christmas tree 🎄 is a new addition

When a brilliant idea strikes I find it invigorating I can’t wait to get started. Because I am a vintage person and absolutely love old things I could wait to get to the thrift stores and begin the big project. I decided because it was Christmas toys 🧸 would be a great place to start.

A sled 🛷 of course
Stuffed teddy bears 🧸 cabbage patch doll’s (one is a cute elf) sweet christmas carol and the very best an old wooden musical horse 🐎
A view from the kitchen
Oh but we can’t forget dear old Santa 🎅 and all his helpers.

So friends this is how I styled all my thrift finds for my cozy Christmas closet / toy 🧸 shop.

And it’s finished… not really I’ll definitely be changing it (restyling) again.

Can we believe Christmas is coming!

I am thrilled you stopped by I look forward to seeing you soon

Best Regards Dana

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