Merry Marvelous Monday to you one and all!

I am still celebrating this most wonderful time of the year. Actually we are having a Christmas dinner today with an expanded menu from yesterday. If you read my last post you can read about the Christmas fixings.

What are you doing today shopping the bargains or just relaxing? Enjoy this beautiful time savor it because soon we will be back to work and beginning the new year.

But here’s a thought I’ve been thinking about with the New Year coming. I know it’s a little early but let’s just say it anyways. I like to purchase new calendars and planners around this time of the year if not sooner. I am a planner junkie! Honestly I love to spy them all sometimes I even buy more than one or two. I know that is a big “no no” in the planner world of organization but I can’t help myself . I love them all. I will be posting some of my favorites so you can see my style. My criteria is quite picky but it works for me.

I also like to start thinking about goals too. Can’t wait to share my most recent goals for 2023!

Come back soon for a peak at my planners and desk calendars as well

Happy day sweet friends❤️

Best Regards Dana

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