New episode “What’s up Wednesday”

Three Easy Steps that will help.

Hello and happy Wednesday! I am so glad you stopped by to chat.

Oh Christmas tree 🎄

Okay so here’s my question… Is your Christmas tree still hanging around? For the record mine is too but I’m wanting to start taking decorations down and have them gone for the new year. I am ready to start. Here are three easy steps to help you put away your decor.

Each piece is special. I don’t want to give something away and be sorry.

Step One: I literally start purging. Don’t get me wrong no sentiment treasures absolutely not they stay always. I asked myself is this really needed do I love it or I won’t even miss it then it goes in the donation pile.

My ironstone has been with me a very long time it definitely stays

I contemplate my decor as I am enjoying the holiday how much joy it has brought to my home. So already I am making a mental note for my plan of action. If someone makes a comment about how much they love the piece there is my confirmation and it stays.

Maybe it’s time to donate some of the elves to a child who would love ❤️ them.

Step Two: I start my collection of donations to even give it further thought so I won’t be sorry. Been there done that and I was not a happy camper. I want to be sure I am making the right decision. I also think about who would be blessed if I pass it on to someone else? I know there are so many people out there who are in need and if I can help I want to. This reminds me of my mothers beautiful coat I acquired after her passing. I loved it and worn it often. One day in church there was a homeless woman who looked so cold I couldn’t help but think she is the perfect person. I loved my mother’s coat but I knew Mom would want me to pass it on. My sweet friend Matilda loved it and enjoyed it for many years.

This snowman stays. My grandson Max made it many years ago. It is very spiritual to me.

Step Three: As I start packing up the holiday decor I label all the boxes and bags and store them according to the rooms ex: living room kitchen etc another step that streamlines and keeps it organized for next year. I always try to make it as easiest and enjoyable as possible.

Dining room decor

Did I tell you I live in an old cottage with no closet space. This is a huge challenge. What’s a girls to do who loves home décor decorating designing and styling. I finally made space in my office closet and created a studio in the basement for some my seasonal pieces. I have my farmhouse table there and other storage shelves that help me keep organized. I know I probably sound like geek but what’s important is I have found something that works. I am constantly tweaking it for more useful space. I remember reading that you cannot organize junk. That’s why it is important to purge first and constantly keep on top of it. The biggest rule: for every piece you bring in something has to go… donate it or give it to a friend or someone you know can use it. My friend has a cottage up north I am constantly asking her if she would like some wicker. We love the joy it gives to both of us. I am helping her decorate her cottage and she loves the warm cozies from each new piece.

Dear friends I hope these three easy steps have been very helpful. Please message me if you have any questions or you would just like to chat. Seriously I am here to help and appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have.

I will be sharing my office and studio on my next post I hope you come back to visit.

Best Regards Dana

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