In the new trend episode “The best of me 2023”

Do you know what the newest trend is? It’s all about self care! How does that look for you and me?

Let’s explore ways to create a better improved style of everyday living.

Here let’s talk about how you can blend this into your daily/weekly tasks.

Quick Easy Steps*

*You can keep notes in your planner or right on your phone under the apt “NOTES”

Only 5 easy tips

#1 THINK YOU! What do you like to do for you?

For example I like to do Yoga. So Monday is my Yoga day. I really look forward to it. It is a wonderful way to start off my week too. It gets me started and energizes me to move forward.


#2 TIME Make time just for you! I use to think I was being selfish but I found out it was good for my own well being and good self care. This can be anything like reading a book knitting crafting and or meditating. It’s all up to you and it can change to whatever the mood calls for. Make a list so you have options to choose from.

Make Time

#3 TASK There are choices here. It can be personal or just general. It’s all about what you want to do. Maybe it’s a closet or drawer that you’ve been wanting to put in order. Or taking time in your office or at your desk to work on a special project. Designing a little space in your bedroom for a little cozy getaway with afternoon tea and a special devotional. This is so for you and totally up to you to decide what you want it to be.

Cozy space

#4 TREAT A fun treat and it can even be fancy too. I have a favorite wine glass that says “Stay Fancy” Actually it was a gift and I love having wine in it. It feels good and I even think the wine tastes better too. Lol. What do you like to treat yourself to. I have a special secret treat time when I go to Starbucks at Targets. I order Peach and Tranquility tea by Teavana with steamed coconut milk. This is wonderfully delicious and I absolutely love it. This is the kind of treat I’m talking about. I do have another treat that I love too! Chocolate 🍫 but I can honestly say the tea always wins hands down.

Teavana – peach and tranquility tea

#5 TRENDS We all know trends can be trendy right? Even so aren’t they fun like bell bottoms coming back. The new ones are kinda cool. Here are just a few that I googled.

New trends 2023
More trends Just google them you’ll find all kinds!
Best of me 2023

The newest trend …. Best of me in 2023! So to start out try one or two tips. Starting slow increases your habit progression. When you start feeling comfortable try another until you complete all the steps. I am excited for you and can’t wait to hear how it is going. Any questions or comments just drop me a message anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards Dana

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